On 17.04.2023, ZEAL Association of the Department of BBA organized an Industrial Visit to Palmar Spinning Mills, Sempatti, Dindigul.  This company deals with spinning of threads from Cotton and Polyester. The purpose of this visit is to learn the process of production and logistics in textile industry. They have sophisticated automated machines with the state of art technology for production process. They have blow room machine, carding machine, draw frame, lap former, comber, roving frame, spinning frame and winding frame. A dedicated team of 600 employees engaged in different shifts. Our students learnt the process of cleaning, combing, roving process, spinning process and also stacking of materials in warehouses.  They got aware of the equipments and machineries used in the above process.
In total, 49 students from I BBA and 3 students of II BBA were benefited through this visit.