Faculty Development Programme was organized for all Faculty members of SLCS and RLIMS on 19th August, 2017 in the First MBA Hall.

Principal Dr.P.Saravanan welcomed the gathering. Advisor IQAC Dr.R.L.Ramnath chaired the meeting. Honorable President Dr.R.Lakshmipathy presided the Presidential Address. In his address he stated the importance of NAAC and he also pointed out some questions about the NAAC. Then the Advisor Dr.G.R.Balakrishnan explained the Issues & Challenges in Higher Education.

The Chief Guest Dr.K.Meena former Vice Chancellor of Bharathidasan University, Trichy gave her special address on the “Impact on NAAC in Higher Education Institutions”. She pointed that NAAC peer Team visit and preparing the SSR are Facts Finding Exercises that should be done by the institutions. Quantitative Metric is what we send and Qualitative Metric is the Peer Team’s Report. Dr.K.Meena also explained about the Seven Criterion. She stated that Autonomous Colleges should be given more focus on Criteria I & II. She repeatedly stated that each and every event should be documented for the sake of preparing. The Guest speech was really on eye opener for all the faculty members.

In the Post Lunch session Advisor IQAC Dr.R.L.Ramnath introduced the New Procedures of preparing the Self Study Report (SSR) in a detailed manner. Finally, the IQAC Coordinator Mrs.R.Suganthi Hepzibha proposed the Vote of Thanks.