SIP Cell & Library Managing Team of SLCS organized a webinar on the topic “How to utilize the Resource Center Effectively?”. Information plays an important part in the wider learning process – to understand the context of the work. Guest Lecturer Dr.P.Ravichandran, Head-Dept. of LISC, Annamalai University, Chidambaram presented a wonderful session on “How to utilize the Resource Center Effectively?” on 15.09.2020. Learning takes place not only at workshops or on training courses, but also through discussions with colleagues, practical experience, and consulting newsletters, books and audiovisual materials. Resource centers can support a wide range of learning activities by making information available. Resource centers have an important part to play in improving access to information. A resource centre collects and organizes materials that are useful to a particular group of people. A resource centre actively seeks to share the information that it contains. The main aim of a resource centre are to create a pleasant environment for learning, to contain a relevant and accessible collection of resource materials (based on the actual needs of users), to provide a range of information services, to encourage people to use the information in the resource centre and to help users gain access to information from other sources. Finally the resource person informed the students to utilize all the resources regarding the government schemes and also regarding the education. Totally 228 students attended and got benefitted.