Art and Media Club & SIP Cell of SLCS organized a webinar on “How to read and validate NEWS? (Virtual Tour)”. NEWS – North East West South, the expansion of this acronym. Dr.R.Jeyakrishnan, Special Correspondence, Win TV, Chennai, shared his views on the topic “How to read and validate NEWS?” on 16.09.2020. He initiated the session by the virtual tour in the Win TV Channel, Chennai. He also explained the students that all the TV Stations’ gates will be opened always to receive the news from the public 24/7. He shared the students about the difficulties in collecting news. He then explained about the freedom given to each and every reporter while collecting news. A news reporter can even enter into a whole where the air cannot be entered. He answered the query raised by the students regarding the TRP rating. Finally he insisted the students to hear and read newspapers regularly for updating themselves about the current scenario. Totally 240 students attended and got benefitted.