Department of Commerce B.Com (B&I) organized a field visit to Kizhadi on 02.05.2023. Kezhladi-An Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the Banks of River Vaigai, the cultural findings belong sometime between the 6th century BCE and the 1st century CE. The artefacts could belong as far back as 580 BCE, as per report. According to the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department (TNAD),  among the available scripts of India, the Indus scripts are considered to be the earliest one and were 4500 years old. One kind of script that survived between the disappearance of Indus script and the emergence of Brahmi script is called as graffiti marks by the scholars. Students came to know about their ancestors and their life style.  They were so eager to learn scriptures, culture and tradition of their ancestors. Totally, 78 II B. Com (B&I) students along with two faculty members          Mrs. V. Padmavathy and Mr. N. Arunkumar visited kizhadi and got benefitted.


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