SIP Cell & NSS of SLCS organized a webinar on the topic “Eye Awareness”. In today’s world all the children and elders are addicted to mobile phones which are undoubtedly leading towards the world of blindness. To create awareness about the Eye, the International Rotary Eye Bank Manager Mr.Saravanan, from Aravind Eye Hospital was invited to give a lecture on 14.09.2020. He explained the reasons of Eye strain due to the usage of Mobile phones. Mobile phones eye strain may cause dry eye and irritation, painful throbbing headaches around the eye region, and even blurred vision. He also informed the students that smart phones are also comfortable for learning such as easy to get answers, bringing the world into real, easy to access educational tips and finally allows pavements for Social Learning. But it should be used in an effective and limited manner. Finally the resource person advised the students not to use the mobile phones too much which even leads the student towards eye blindness. Totally 220 students attended and got benefitted.