Extra Curricular Activities Committee of Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science, organized a  Solo Dance competition. It was held on 22.03.2021 in the college campus at the Seminar Hall of our College. In this competition there were seven students participated in the event Participants from various departments registered their names in the Event Successfully.

The convener of this event, Mrs.N.Selvi, Assistant professor, Department of Tamil welcomed the Participants and explained the rules and regulations of the Dance competition.

Team member of this event, Mr.R.Ganesh, Assistan professor, Department of MCHM also represented the event and Evaluated the dance performance of the Students. Score sheet was also given to the evaluators, the conveners and members who awarded the marks based on the song selection, coordination and costume.

Then all the solo dance participants started performing one by one, after the successful completion of the event the convener and members of the competition awarded the marks for their performances. Based on the marks obtained by the participants, the convener and members selected the students for the  first, second and third places.

Finally the competition ended  and the participants were appreciated for their wonderful performance. Around 7 students participated in the competition.