The D. P. Roy Choudhury Association of Animation Department conducted an Extension Activity at Eliyarpathi on 07.04.2022, Thursday, between 09:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. Totally 30 students from I& II Year B.Sc., Animation and 2 Faculty members participated in this event.The students were informed about how trees and plants are linked to our basic needs for good food to eat and clean air to breathe. The following points were shared to the students

  1. Trees give us clean water to drink, air to breathe, shade and food to human beings, animals and plants.
  2. Tree provide habitats for numerous species of fauna and flora, firewood for cooking, materials for buildings and places of spiritual, cultural and recreational importance.

Each student was given with one sapling and asked to plant it. The students enjoyed and eagerly participated. Mr.N.Naveendra Kumar, Asst. Prof., and Mr.S.Saravanan, Asst. Prof., accommpanied the students. Totally 30 different varieties of saplings were planted by the students.


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