Sharing is caring. Blessed is a person who gives than receives. Human beings should be humane. Giving is an act of kindness which binds human relationship. In order to inculcate such vales, even from Kinder Garden onwards this aspect of sharing is given more importance.

Every day life is a gift from God. We come across different types of people in our life. We meet rich as well as the poor. It is our Borden duty to help the poor and needy.

RLIMS organized Share a Meal program as a part of extension activity on 25.10.2020. The First Year and Final Year Students and Faculty Leaders were motivated by Dr. M. Subramanian, Head – Management Programs. The students happily came forward to share a meal with the poor and homeless. One hundred pax of food were shared through this program. For our students it was a heart- warming and unforgettable experience. Our students determined to continue their support within their reach.