Department of Commerce (B&I) was involved in Green initiative – sapling plantation in the college garden on 03.03.2023. The students showed their interest towards planting of Jasmine, Keshavardhini, Cat whisker, Menthol & Solanum Trilobatum, Pomegranate, Guava, Indian Blackberry and few other medicinal saplings. They understood the importance of planting saplings. They voluntarily undertook the responsibility of caring the saplings planted in the college garden. They shared the information on the importance of planting saplings, creating a natural eco system through planting of saplings in different places.  Trees represent nature, life, peace etc.; they produce oxygen, clean soil, improve physiological, mental and spiritual health. They took pledge to plant as many trees as possible near their areas, so as to create healthy environment. Totally, 159 students from I and II year B.Com (Banking and Insurance) and 4 faculty members participated in this event.