The Department of Computer Science(SSS) conducted Class PTA(Parents Teachers Association) Meeting I for the students of II & III B.Sc CS(SSS) on 08/09/21 & 09/09/21 respectively. The parents were explained about their wards attendance and I internal mark details. The progress report of each student was prepared by the class in-charges. Mrs.N.Anuradha, Mrs.J.Varalakshmi and Mrs.V.Gayathri prepared the progress reports of II B.Sc CS(SSS) – A , II B.Sc CS(SSS) – B and III B.Sc CS(SSS) respectively. The progress report was projected to all the parents. Due to pandemic, the classes are conducted through blended mode. Parents were asked to advise their wards to follow the safety measures at college bus and inside the campus. Parents of III B.Sc CS(SSS) asked about the details about internship training. They were informed about the efforts to be taken by their wards for getting  placed.

No.of students attended PTA Meeting with their parents:

II B.Sc CS(SSS)  –  A Section   –  26

II B.Sc CS(SSS)  –  B Section   –  26

III B.Sc CS(SSS)                       –  40