The Electoral Literacy Club of Subbalakshmi College of Science, Madurai celebrated  children’s day on 15/11/2021(Monday) at Hall No 201 in RLINS block. On this occasion,Mr. R. Sivasubramanian, AP /Mathematics delivered welcome address. Ms.Nisha lakshmi of I BBA delivered a speech about the importance and celebration of children’s day in the college.

Dr. Rajesh kumar,  HoD / BBA in his special address stressed the  purpose of celebrating and he also motivated the students to achieve great things in their life. Mr. V.V. Sundaram who is the Coordinator of the club explained the nature of the children and teenagers and he briefed the  relevance of both childhood and adulthood. Dr.B.  Meenakshisundaram Asst Prof, Department of BBA shared his personal experience and emphasized the importance of remaining truthful in teaching profession as it creates a greater level of impact among the students. Mr. Vivek Ramkumar HoD F & IS stated that all the children should be treated with dignity as they are the future pillars of the nation. Staff members from various department took part and graced the event with their immense presence.

No of Participants : 61