Alumni                : Mr. RAJAMANI RAVIKUMAR (Batch 2014-2017)    Occupation       : Assistant Cook, Carnival Cruise Line    Beneficiary       : II MCHM (29 STUDENTS)

The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organised a Career Counseling programme on “Job Opportunities in Carnival Cruise Line”. Mr. Rajamani Ravikumar, alumnus of the departmnet interacted with all the students (a total of 29 students) on 8.5.23. He is a former student of the department and is working as an assistant cook for Carnival Cruise Line. He created awareness among the students about the job opportunities at the Cruise Line Shipping Company. He shared about how cruise ship employers consider the age, English skills, and background of the applicant when they are selecting the employee, and added that cruise ship job salary rates are typically based on the standard of living in the employee’s home country. For example, salary for a second or third cook will be US$800 per month. He further emphasized that if an applicant has a couple of years working experience in a restaurant kitchen and also have a culinary education, it will help him to get promotion quicker. To put in a nutshell, this program boosted students’ confidence and helped them to understand the process of selecting a candidate for a cruise line shipping company.