The HEN Association of the Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organized an alumni interaction for the second year (for 17 students) on March 9, 2023. Mr.R. Rajkumar, sous-chef, ABM Grande Hotels & Resorts, Theni (Batch 1995–1997), and Mr.S. Nagarajan, head chef, Bermuda Pie Restaurant, Bermuda Batch (1998–2001), alumnae of the department explained the opportunities available in aboard and shipping. They created awareness among the students about “Hospitality Job Opportunities in the Overseas and Cruise Line Shipping Industry “. They spoke of how a career in shipping and overseas is perfect for individuals who are fascinated by the sea and foreign lands, love traveling, and want to experience different cultures. They also said that the growth of the hospitality industry after COVID-19 would increase demand for skilled professionals. After completing your degree, you can join the government, private shipping companies, or various countries hospitality industries. The shipping and hotel industries are two of the best sectors to build your career in. Marine catering students can also join the merchant navy as general stewards, and in a land-based hotel, you can as a beginner. This program boosted the confidence of the students.