The Bridge course was conducted for the students of I B.Sc Networking from 02/07/18 to 07/07/18. The students were given basic training on their subjects included in Semester I. The student strength of I B.Sc Networking is 31. The bridge course was conducted for them. The students got the basic knowledge in the subjects such as Applied Mathematics for life, Technical Terms of networking, Basics of Networking devices, Tamil and Basics of Communication skills.

Some students completed their schooling in Tamil medium. Those students were given training in basic grammar such as tenses, active and passive voices, direct and indirect speeches. Also, the training given in Tamil language was useful for the students those who completed their schooling in English medium. The students from non computer science background were given training on how to network with devices. The basic concept of computers such as generations of computers, types of computers, functional units of computers were taught for them. Eventually, the students got basic knowledge in their subjects.

The training reduces the gap between the schooling and college and was useful for the students to get knowledge in their subjects and to know college rules and all.