As part of an extension activity, the department of Marine catering and Hotel Management students were involved in creating awareness, attitude and action related in the post Covid-19 to rural Community people through Shyamalavani Radio on 21.1.2022 & 22.1.22. Mr.T.Prabhu, of II year, MC&HM, discussed on “the Benefit of Millet on day to day life” and he also added that Millet is the powerhouse of nutrients which boosts your health and improves weight loss, besides being gluten-free. Mr.R.Blesson, II year, MC&HM delivered  an  awareness speech on COVID-19 transmission which included identification of symptoms, safety measures, demonstration of use of mask, hand washing and purpose of vaccination. The sole aim of the activity conducted was to impart skills to the rural community and thus inculcate a sense of social responsibility among the students.