Title of the Session:   “Awareness on  Intellectual Property Rights”
Organizer (Department / Club / Cell/ Committee / Association) B.Com( Banking and Insurance)
Date : 09.06.2022 Time: 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm
Mode of the Session :  Online Venue:  Auditorium
Theme         Intellectual Property Rights
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr. A. Seetharaman Designation:  Examiner of Patents and Designs
Organisation: Patent Office , Chennai
Objective(s) of the activity: 

v To know about brief history of IPR, its types and Description

v To  know about  salient features of Intellectual Properties such as Patent Rights, Trademarks , Industrial Design, Geographical Indication, Copyrights etc.

v To know about the benefits of  Patent, copyright and trademark

v To know the method of applying IPR


Key Highlights:

v  The expert speaker gave a brief introduction on IPR and explained various related terms such as copyrights ,patents and trade mark etc.

v The expert speaker explained  in detail the benefits of the licensor and  licensee by IPR

v He also discussed about the types of Intellectual Properties and Description.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

v Learn and understand the nature of IPR

v Obtain awareness on various aspects of Intellectual Properties like What is a Patent, Patent Rights, Trademark, Industrial Design, Geographical Location

v Understand the method of applying Patent, Copyrights, Trademark and Industrial Design

v Student learned  about the benefits of registering for IPR

Participants Details:

v Total No. of students participated:  262

v Total No. of staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) participated:  16