The department of Visual Communication conducted a webinar on the topic “Awaken yourself to witness your own English” by Mr. Jegan Prakash for our students on 05.09.2020. A total number of 59 students participated in the event. The session was inaugurated at 04.00 pm. Mr. C. Rajavardhan, Instructor gave a brief introduction about the college and the department. The session was planned to create interest in English among students and teachers. Mr.Jegan Prakash, Director of English Clinic, Madurai was the guest of honor. He has wide knowledge and acted as a trainer in various MNC’s across the globe. Mr. Sivarajan, Assistant Professor delivered the key note address.

The guest spoke about the importance of English in the students and pointed out the common errors made by many while speaking English. He discussed his experience as trainer for past the 10 years and emphasized that “Practicing speaking in English makes us speak the language well”, he motivated the students to speak English regularly. At the end of the session students asked their queries, which were clarified by the guest. Students enjoyed the session very much and thanked the management for providing such a wonderful opportunity and are expecting more such events. Mr. Babu Shajan Kevin, Assistant Professor proposed the vote of thanks. The event was a grand success.