“Kalaisaral”, the Association Meet, was conducted by the Techno Fest Association Members on 28.10.2021at Nautical Science Annexure Block. Students from I,II and III B.Sc CS (SSS) participated in the event. Ms.Subashree of II B.Sc C.S (SSS) compered the programme. The event started with the welcome address given by Ms.Ramya of III B.Sc CS(SSS). Special address was given by Mr.K.Aruchunan, Vice Pricipal, SLCS. Mrs.N.Anuradha, Head of the Department gave the felicitation address.

II & III year students conducted several non-technical events in order to welcome the I year Students. They encouraged their juniors to maintain team coordination throughout their college life. Students from II CS (SSS) conducted various non-technical events for III year CS students. II year students organized these events and made the session as a memorable moment for their seniors. Totally 128 (I year = 35, II year = 52, III year = 41) students participated in this program.

Finally II & III year students presented saplings to their juniors as a memento. The session ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms.R.Rajalakshmi of III B.Sc CS (SSS).