Title of the session: Alumni meeting
Organizer Department B.Com ( Banking and Insurance)
Date                           :  29.07.2022 Time    :    11.30 am to 12.30am
Mode of the Session :  Offline Venue  :     III B.Com (B&I)
Alumni Details:

Ms. M. Iswarya Alumni of our college. Working as processing associate in BNY Mellon in Chennai. BNY Mellon Investment Management provides a robust corporate foundation, together with worldwide resources and administrative supports. It allows us to know about investment firms.

Objective(s) of the activity:

Ø  The bright gap between college life and career life, so as to inculcate students to the professional world.

Ø  To enhance the employability through references.

Ø  To provide a platform for students to develop their personality and skills.

Key Highlights:

Ø  Totally, 64 students from III B.Com (Banking and Insurance) were attended the Programme.

Ø  Alumni shared her views ideas and information to instill.

Ø  During the meet, the alumni shared insight her experience to our students, which she had faced after stepping out of the institution.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

Ø  Alumni Meet, creates a special bonding between with the students who have established themselves already in the big, outside world.

Ø  The event was utilized to apply experience in real life situation.

Ø  The alumni helped the students by giving guidance for academic and co-curricular activities.

Participants Details:

v  Total No. of students participated:  64

v  Total No. of staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) participated: 3


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