The NetKings Association of the Department of Networking  organized an Alumni Association Meet on 16/5/2022 at Linux Lab.The alumni meet is to reconnect with the Alumni and celebrate their success and various achievements in their chosen field .The Alumni  named Mr.Navaneeth Kumar and Mr.Krishnamoorthy ,Business Development Manager of  Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp were welcomed by Mr.M.Athigopal, HoD/Networking. During  the meet, the alumni shared with our students their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institution.

During the interaction session the alumni discussed on:

  • the current trends in technology and certifications in the industry.
  • their personal experiences in the development of open source software.
  • online certifications of various courses and employment opportunity based on skills
  • how to start new business.

They  interacted with the students and gave career guidance regarding higher studies , placements and answered questions of students regarding courses, they should take during their regular semesters.

After the interaction with our students, they volunteered themselves to help the fellow students regarding Internships, Placements, Guest lectures & Workshops. The meet also created a platform to identify the college’s most distinguished alumni. Totally 10 students were benefitted by this meeting