In an endeavor to prepare the 1st-year MBA students, numbering 75, into Industry-Ready from communication aspect, RL Institute of Management Studies in association with Voice Training and Research Pvt. Ltd, Madurai conducted a five-day Value-Added Course on “Linguaskill Certification – Preliminary” from 20th to 24th of March 2023 on its campus.

Dr. M. Subramanian, Head of the Department, MBA prefaced his Keynote address emphasizing the maiden endeavor that RLIMS pursues in enabling the students to appear for the Linguaskill Certification. He also reiterated that many organizations require Linguaskill-Qualified candidates.

Mrs. Mouli Devi, Trainer at Voice Training and Research Pvt. Ltd, Madurai walked all the students about the nitty-gritty about the four tenets of the English Language such as “Listening, Speaking, Reding and Writing”. She precisely pointed out that acing this Linguaskill Exam with merit will certainly stand all the students in good stead, not only during their career start but also throughout their career journey.

“This Linguaskill certification is accepted and trusted by thousands of leading employers and organizations worldwide. It is a mark of excellence, opening doors and giving you the skills and confidence to thrive” the trainer said. She also spoke on the examination format and simple strategies that students must employ during the placement preparation period, to pass this examination at ease.

She further added that as many as 146 organizations including Higher Education Institutions in India are accepting this certification. Hence, the demand for BEC-qualified students has progressively increased of late.

The trainer provided the students with ample exercises to prepare them for the exam. She also conducted an assessment on the last day of the training to understand the learning ability of the students.