Innovative Practices in IoT & Robotics

Session Details:
Title of the Session : Innovative Practices in IoT & Robotics
Date : 18/06/2022 Duration : 10.00AM to 3.00 PM
Activity Category : IIC Driven Activity Nature of the Session : Physical
Theme : Innovation
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr.Sriram Nagarajan Designation: Co Founder & CEO
Organisation: Roboram, Nagercoil
Brief about Expert/Speaker: (Highlight points from profile of the expert)


Educational Qualification:

Completed B.E (Robotics & Automation)



·        Project coordinator for CVRD, Chennai Fire & Safety Department, COIR Industry

·        Worked in Industrial Automation Division at Dr. MGR Research Centre, Maduravayol.

·        Founder of Automation Firm (RoboRAM) in 2018.

·        Launched another venture called “RoboRAM Education” in 2020

·        Launched an online learning automation based platform in December, 2022.

·        Created a “Board of Studies” Council to construct the course syllabus based on industrial requirements.

·        Over 8500 people have been trained around the world, and more than 50 institutions have invited him to deliver about industrial knowledge.


·        The Nesans, Technical Associate Engineer & HR – DEC 2017 – MAR 2018

·        Shalwin Power, Project Engineer – APR 2018 – OCT 2018

·        Intech Systems, Automation Engineer – NOV 2018 – MAR 2019

·        DR MGR Research Institute,Industrial Automation Consultant -APR 2019 – MAR 2020

·        RoboRAM Education, Automation Trainer – JAN 2020 – NOW

·        Data Bee, Business Partner – MAR 2020 – NOW



Objectives of the activity:  (minimum four)

·      To create an exposure towards working of IoT and its sensors.

·      To learn about IoT- Home automation applications and its real-time usage.

·      To enable students to learn Robotics and Automation.

·      To enrich knowledge towards working principles of Robotics.


Outcome of the activity: (minimum four)


·        Students learnt about IoT application and working of different types of sensors

·        Students gained knowledge on home automation applications.

·        Students got an exposure towards the real-time working of IoT Device – raspberry

·        Students inferred idea on designing, working and applications of Robotics in various fields


Key Highlights: (minimum four from the talk of expert)


Mr.Sriram Nagarajan, CEO & Founder, RoboRAM, discussed the Scope and importance of IoT in daily life.  The expert enlightened the students on the importance of IoT-based home automation such as, Smartfan, smart refrigerator etc.  He explained the usage of various sensors like Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Level Sensors.  Also students had a discussion session with the expert and gained ideas on projects related to IoT Home Automation.

Participants Details:
Total No. of Student Participation: 10
Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation: 03  – Teaching
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Alumni Interaction

Title of the Session: Alumni Interaction
Organizer (Department / Club / Cell/ Committee / Association) NetKings Association of the Department of Networking
Date : 03.06.2022 Time:01.30 PM
Mode of the Session : Offline Venue: SLCS
Theme(If Applicable) :
Expert / Speaker Details: Mr.Nandha Kumar, Senior Support Engineer of Anupam Technologies Pvt. Ltd Chennai
Name: Mr.Nandha Kumar Designation: Senior Support Engineer
Organisation: Anupam Technologies Pvt. Ltd Chennai
Objective(s) of the activity: 

The alumni meet is to reconnect with the Alumni and celebrate their success and various achievements in their chosen field


Key Highlights:

Ø  Online certifications of various courses and employment opportunity based on skills

Ø  Recent Trends in technology and certifications in the industry.

Ø Career guidance regarding higher studies


Outcome(s) of the activity:

The meet also created a platform to identify the college’s most distinguished alumni


Participants Details:

v Total No. of students participated: 08

v Total No. of staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) participated: 01

Report on Site Visit to PSYEC Incubation Centre

On behalf of Networking Department, Mr.M.Athigopal, Mr.V.Deepan Chakkaravarthy and Ms.T.Shunmugapriya along with the students of I Year Networking visited Pandiyan Saraswathy Yadav  Engineering  College Incubation Center at Sivagangi on 23rd May, 2022 from11:00am to 3:00pm. The objective behind this visit was to make the students understand the concept of incubation center,see the facilities provided by such centers, understand the various prototypes of business models, their operations and change perceptions from seeking job to creating the job.

            SLCS team met Mr, Arun Arjunan Incubation Center Facilitator, discussed the role of  Incubation Centre in providing the orientation, training and development, mentoring, getting patent rights, and commercialization of the product etc,. He explained various sources for business creation such as production of e-Bike,e-Cycle, 3D Printer, Transchair and Solar train trolley . The centre is established in a 2500 square feet of land having a dedicated area with access to shared office infrastructure,Wi-Fi,Conference facilities,auditorium and ample parking space. The students were also given insightful information and demonstration on the basic accounting and managerial techniques adopted for the businesses that have been recently incubated by the center and how they are financed. Many  school and college students  in and around Arasanoor are working at the centre on their innovations. They shared their ideas and inspired our team. The team  had also an opportunity for one to one discussion with many budding entrepreneurs.Totally 10 students were benefitted by this visit.


The Department of Networking organized aPTA Meet through online mode on 17.05.2022 at 6.30p.m to the students of first year. The Parents interacted with the Head of the Department and course teachers. Previous End Semester Marks and Current Semester Continuous Internal Assessment marks, were discussed.The Head of the department requested the parents to give constant motivation and support to their children to score goodmarksinthe forthcoming CIA-II examinations.

Alumni Interaction

The NetKings Association of the Department of Networking  organized an Alumni Association Meet on 16/5/2022 at Linux Lab.The alumni meet is to reconnect with the Alumni and celebrate their success and various achievements in their chosen field .The Alumni  named Mr.Navaneeth Kumar and Mr.Krishnamoorthy ,Business Development Manager of  Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp were welcomed by Mr.M.Athigopal, HoD/Networking. During  the meet, the alumni shared with our students their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institution.

During the interaction session the alumni discussed on:

  • the current trends in technology and certifications in the industry.
  • their personal experiences in the development of open source software.
  • online certifications of various courses and employment opportunity based on skills
  • how to start new business.

They  interacted with the students and gave career guidance regarding higher studies , placements and answered questions of students regarding courses, they should take during their regular semesters.

After the interaction with our students, they volunteered themselves to help the fellow students regarding Internships, Placements, Guest lectures & Workshops. The meet also created a platform to identify the college’s most distinguished alumni. Totally 10 students were benefitted by this meeting

Industrial Visit

The Department of Networking organized an Industrial Visit to Chips Software Solutions,Ernakulam from 08/05/2022 to 11/05/2022.  T.U.K Menon ,  Senior Director of Chips Software System addressed the students and advised them to actively participate in Internship  and training provided by the Institution .He explained how the Industrial Visit helped the students to get practical knowledge.All the students of I,II,III year of Networking  gained fruitful information regarding Network configuration Protocols ,Web Designing and learned more about  the Machine learning . He elaborated that Machine Learning is an application of AI and it is  the process of using mathematical models of data to help a computer, learn without direct instruction. The students were able to know how AI and Machine learning enable a computer system to continue learning and improving on its own, based on the experience. In general the Industrial visit yielded a  good insight on the Corporate environment  among the students.Thus the students of  I,II and III year Networking Department gained knowledge on experienced learning through this visit.Totally 49 students were benefited by this Visit.

Administrative Training Programme

The NetKings Association of the Department of Networking organized an Administrative Training Program for the non teaching staff members of SLCS on 25/04/2022 at Seminar hall. Mr.M.Athigopal,HoD/Networking explained  the steps to be followed to delete web history and chrome browsing history in the  mobile phones.Through this session ,non teaching staff members gained a basic knowledge on how to secure mail account by  adding or updating account recovery options ,how to manage passwords, protect their password from hackers and how one can  limit the storage space by deleting google web-browser history and google search history.They also learnt how to handle phishing emails and avoid gratuitous situation. Totally 13 members were benefitted by this program.


The Department of  Networking organized the Parent Teachers Meet through online mode on 22.04.2022 at 3.30 p.m  to the students  of Second year. The Parents interacted with the Head of the Department and course teachers. The discussions were on class Test, continuous internal assessment marks, student’s attentiveness in online classes and forthcoming end semester examination .The concept of the PTA meeting was on sharing the information with students and parents about performance in the classroom and the initiatives taken by course teachers. The Course teachers requested  the parents to motivate their children by giving ample environment for their study  to score good marks in final examination.

Life of Entrepreneurship

The Department of Networking & Career Counselling Cell jointly organized a Career Guidance program on “Life of Entrepreneurship” on 13.04.2022 for the  I and II year students. Mr.M.Athigopal, Head, Dept. of Networking introduced the Chief Guest, Mr.Hari Prasath, Thanvi Technologies, Madurai. The Resource person shared his industry experience and the current technical knowledge needed to become an Entrepreneur.  He clarified all the queries raised by the students. This session was very useful for the students.  25 students were benefitted through this career guidance program.


On 30.03.2022, an alumni of Networking Department, Mr.CM.Kishore Ravi, Network Engineer, Gavs TechnologyChennai and Ms.M.Janani (Batch: 2016 – 2019) interacted with the students of II B.Sc Networking & I B.Sc Networking. They advised the students to complete certification courses and also insisted to prepare for the interview during the college days itself. They enlightened the students on current IT technologies like Azure, AWS and availability of job opportunities in IT & Networking domains. They enlightened the students on the skills required to become a Network administrator and also Cloud Solution Architect.Overall 27 students got benefitted and clarified their queries during this interactive session.


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