Session Details: Field visit for “Developing Entrepreneurship”
Title of the session Developing Entrepreneurship – Field Visit to Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Sivagangai.
Date : 15.02.2023 Duration : 10:00am to 03.00pm
Activity Category: Self driven activity Nature of the Session : Offline
Theme : Entrepreneurship
Name: Mr. Kumaravel R MBA., M.A., (Sociology) Designation:

Dy. Manager-HR & Admin.

Organisation: Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.
Expert / Speaker Details:  Mr. R Kumaravel, Dy. Manager-HR & Admin,  Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.

·        Working as Deputy manager HR & Admin at Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai from July 2015.

·        Completed Master of Business Administration with Human Resource Management specialization, and M.A., Sociology at Annamalai University. \

·        Successfully managing and implementing lot of initiatives in HR & Admin at Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.

Objectives of the activity: 

ü  To learn entrepreneurship outside the class room in real time environment.

ü  To enhance students understanding of efficient sugar manufacturing process through Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Sivagangai.

ü  To understand the quality enhancement through continuous R&D of sugar product at Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.

ü  To know the latest technology of manufacturing process through Sakthi Sugars Ltd., Sivagangai.

ü  To develop the entrepreneurial literacy and skill in students

Outcome of the activity:

Students were able to,

ü Get awareness on entrepreneurial literacy and skill which is essential for student’s career opportunities and growth.

ü Know Continuous R&D in sugar rich, pest resistant and high yielding sugarcane varieties at Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.

ü Impart their skills required to become a successful entrepreneur.

ü Understand the manufacturing excellence and quality improvement techniques.

ü Improve their confidence and develop them to become an entrepreneur

Key Highlights:

·        Students had a direct experience in the manufacturing process of Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sivagangai.

·        Students interacted well with the employees to understand and clarify their doubts during the visit.

·        Students were inspired and motivated to choose their career as an entrepreneur.

Participants Details:
 Total No. of Student Participation:   78
 Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation:            2
 YouTube Links: Nil
  Photographs: Enclosed