B.Sc. Fire & Industrial Safety

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Global Industries have understood the importance and need of safety to run their business successfully & effectively. Compensation is not the substitute of human life and so industrial safety plays a vital role in reducing cost, reducing injuries and enhancing safety.

All industries allot a handsome budget to have their own safety department and safety experts to motivate and train their employees to work safely. All Industries and companies have a social and legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all their employees.

The Government is strictly implementing rules leading to workers safety in establishments. Thus, as per Factory Act in every industrial establishment, a Safety Officer is recruited compulsorily. This has opened new vistas for trained manpower requirement in the field of Fire & Industrial Safety Management.

Keeping this in view, SLCS has designed a 3 three year  full-time degree program in B.Sc. Fire & Industrial Safety for the first time in Tamilnadu to provide efficient and knowledgeable safety professionals to face the huge demand of safety professionals in India and broad.

Pass in +2 any group

Semester I

Hindi I
English I
Safety Management System
Principles of Electrical and Electronics
Principles of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Probability and Statistics
Value education
Physical Education

Semester II

Hindi II
English II
Safety in Chemical Industries
Fundamentals of Fire technology
Work Study and Ergonomics
Construction Safety
Environment studies
Fire Fighting and Field Training
Physical Education

Semester III

Hindi III
English III
Fire Tender and Active Fire Prevention System
Electrical Safety
Food Hygiene and Sanitation
First Aid and Off Shore & Sea Survival Technical Lab
Physical Education

Semester IV

English IV
Safety & Legislation Standards
Occupational Health & Hygiene
Transport Safety
Safety in Oil & Gas Industries
Industrial Safety Lab I
Physical Education

Semester V

Hazard Identification &Risk Analysis
Safety in Engineering Industry
Safety Inspection &Audit
Disaster Management &APELL
Quality Concepts
Industrial Safety Lab II
Physical Education

Semester VI

Training in Search & Rescue Techniques and Paramedics
Internship or Project

  • A Certificate from Tamilnadu Fire & Rescue Service Dept.
  • First Aid Certificate.
  • On/Off Shore Survival Techniques.
  • Basics of Audit Certificate.
  • IOSH(Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)


Mr.I.Vivek RamKumar M.E(Industrial Safety).,

Mr.A.Jaiveer Kumar M.E(Industrial Safety).,

Mr.R.Brameshwaran M.E(Industrial Safety).,

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