The TechnoFest Association and the department of Computer Science organized a two day workshop on “Web Development by using PHP”   from 02.9.2021 to 03.09.2021.The students from II & III B.Sc CS (SSS) participated in the workshop through Google Meet. Compering was done by Ms.S.Abinaya of III B.Sc CS (SSS).Welcome address was given by Ms.R.Swetha of III B.Sc CS (SSS). The chief guest, Mr.Shaliya, CEO, Zerami, Chennai was introduced in the special address delivered by Mrs.N.Anuradha, Head of the Department, CS (SSS). She also explained the importance of learning PHP for developing Mini Project. Ms.K.P.Maheshwari, AP, CS (SSS) delivered the felicitation address and explained the purpose of conducting the workshop.

The following topics were handled by the resource person during the workshop

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Data types & Variables in PHP
  • PHP Strings , Numbers, Math, Constants, Operators, Looping Statements, Functions, Arrays
  • Database Connectivity.

The resource Person interacted with the students and also clarified their doubts. At the end of day 2 session, the II year students were instructed to develop a project by using the topics they learnt during the workshop. The III year students learnt several advanced concepts in PHP for developing their Mini Project. Feedback about the workshop was collected from the students and participation certificate was issued to the students. Totally 94 students participated in the workshop. The workshop was highly useful to students’ community to develop their Mini Project.