The Workshop on “New Templates of AQAR 2020-21” was conducted on 25.06.2021 and 30.06.2021 in F-32 at 2 pm.

All the VII Criterion were explained to all the faculty members. The Principal Dr.R.Sujatha, the Vice Principal Dr.K.Archunan and the Dean Academics Dr.S.Priya took part in the Workshop.

The IQAC Assistant Coordinators Mrs.R.Suganthi Hepzibha and Mrs.K.P.Maheswari explained the key indicators and the metrics of the criterion. The Assistant Coordinators explained that the new AQAR is going to be like the SSR format. So the clarity was given from the SSR-SOPs.

Many faculty members raised the queries and the same was also clarified after having the discussion among the members. The faculty members were also informed about the activities to be done by the Course Teachers, Cells, Committees, Departments, Department Associations and Clubs.

Around 50 faculty members participated and got benefitted. Finally the day wound up by acquiring an overview about the New Templates of AQAR 2020-21.


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