The department of Computer Science conducted the activity of the Techie Quest club for the academic year 2020-2021 Even semester on 24th, February 2021 at  the Academic Lab-II from 3.00 PM to 3.50 PM. First year students from various departments participated in the club activity.

The session started with the welcome address given by Mrs.J.Varalakshmi, Assistant Professor and Event Coordinator, Dept. of CS. She, also, delivered the felicitation address and shared many concepts regarding the importance of innovations and the latest technology in the field of Computer science. She encouraged the students to actively participate in club activities and develop their skills in their domain of interest.

Mrs.V.Gayathri, Assistant Professor of CS, addressed the students on “Cyber Security Fundamentals”. This session was an eye-opening session for the students to understand the fundamentals of Cyber Security. They also learned how to provide Mobile security, Google account security and Whatsapp Web Security. The session ended with Mrs.J.Varalakshmi, AP of CS proposing the vote of thanks.

No. of students Participated: 11