A  Tech Talk event was conducted on 24.07.2020 for the students of I and II B.Sc. CS (SSS) by the department of Computer Science through Google Meet. Ms.K.Shahithya, II B.Sc. CS (SSS) gave the welcome address.

Mr.S.Balamurugan&Mr.S.Srivatsav of II B.Sc. CS (SSS) presented a paper on “Ethical Hacking”. They also demonstrated how to find whether Google account is breached using “https://haveibeenpwned.com/“. Mr.T.S.Ramji&Mr.Aathithiyan of II B.Sc. CS (SSS) presented a paper on “Block Chain Technology”. Mr.Sakthivel&Ms.V.Nivedha presented a paper on XSS (Cross Site Scripting). They demonstrated various kinds of XSS such as Reflected , Stored XSS &DoM based XSS. This session was very useful to all the students. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.R.Rajalakshmi of III B.Sc. CS (SSS).


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