SIP Cell & Training, Placement & Career Counselling Cell of SLCS organized a webinar on the topic “Soft Skills, Personality Development, Importance of Dressing Etiquettes and Grooming”. The term Soft Skills covers a wide range of skills. Mr.P.Selvam, Assistant Professor of MBA presented Guest Lecture on the topic on 09.09.2020. He started the presentation with the vast difference between Hard Skills and Soft Skills and also reiterates the students that both the skills should be balanced equally in a profession. The hard skills means the proficiency in a foreign language, a degree, a certificate, machine operation and others related to it. The Soft Skills are Communication, flexibility, Leadership, Teamwork, Time Management and others. He further explained about the top 10 Soft Skills to the students. He again expressed the importance of dressing, etiquettes and grooming. At the end the students were able to gain a clear cut idea about the Soft Skills and Personality Development. Totally 220 students actively participated in the session.