On 25th  January, National Tourism Day was observed by the Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management and organized SLCS-Samaaj Seva- an extension activity “Share the Meal” at Kaakkum Karangal for the care of Old age group, needy and poor people which is situated in Thirunagar, Madurai.

7 faculty members with 12 students visited the Old age home and served various meals to the senior citizens who are living there. Besides, the monthly groceries worth of Rs.7000 like Toor Dhal, Moong dhal, lentils,  Masoori, Urad dhal, Rice, Sugar, Tea packets, Papad, Dry lentil, Cooking oil, ground nut oil, Gingely oil, Garlic, Rawa, Atta, Millets etc,, were also provided to the them.

Faculty members and students actively involved in serving and feeding the people. A lot of humanity and humbleness was seen among the students involved in this noble cause. Students also interacted with the inmates there and were exposed to the various challenges of life. This activity gave lot of satisfaction to the faculty members and students in extending their services and made them realize the blessings of the elderly people.


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