The Photography club has organized a special event 10.03.2021 for the students from various departments. The student coordinator of the club Ms. K. K. Subashree, II B.Sc Computer Science and the member of the club had organised the event. The event was held through Google Meet and Google classroom from 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM. Students of I & II year have actively participated in the special activity.

          First, a Google form was created for the students and circulated among them. Students those who are willing to participate in the event had to register. The club has received a maximum registration of 75 participants for the event. After that, students were assigned a topic to shoot and given time to do so. The photographs were reviewed by the judge. We had invited Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakkim, Assistant Professor, Department of Animation, SLCS to choose the best photographs. The photographs were reviewed based on the various criteria. Finally the judge picked up three photographs which were best. The list in presented below. The competition was a grand success with the help of student coordinators and members of the club. The participants were provided with a certificate.

No. of participants registered: 75

Competition Winner List


Place Roll No Name of the Student




191101 B. Aishwaryalakshmi II B.Sc FSPM



19311 S. Nivas II B.Sc Animation



19008 R. Eniyan II BBA Logistics & Shipping