Nutrition week is being celebrated globally and in India since the year 1982 in order to alleviate malnutrition and deficiency disorders among the citizens through generating awareness. In this regard, during the first week of September (1 to 7) the Department of Food Science and Processing Management developed and displayed a poster with the caption of ‘Pick Right, Feel Bright’ to create an awareness among the students regarding the importance of diet choices. The students of the department also wore a tag stating the theme of the week. This was done with the dual aim of generating the spirit of the week as well as to enlighten their peer group regarding the cause and theme of the occasion.

The department of food Science and Processing Management developed a nutrition awareness poster showing easy tips for including all essential nutrients in the daily diet and regarding good and bad forms of fat and the need to choose wisely between the different forms of fat. The students offered the pamphlet to honorable President of the college. The pamphlets along with nutritious gifts, were distributed to all the faculty members of the various departments of the college.