The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organized and celebrated “International Chef Day” via webinar on 20.10.20. First, second and third year MC&HM students (156 students) actively participated. Mr.C.Sureshkumar, Head of the Department gave the welcome speech; Executive Chef. Bala Kaliyamoorthy, Royal Caribbean International Cruise lines – Miami, Florida, addressed the students and spoke about the importance of Food and Food Safety, Food Contamination, Buffet Steward Duties and Responsibilities and the Documents required for joining the Shipping Company. He also spoke about the Safety Drill practices followed in ships. Mr. Gangadharan, Asst.Professor delivered the Vote of Thanks. This webinar motivated and encouraged the students.

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  1. ulan 2 yıldır takip ediyosun yaz bari be vicdansızz 😂😂

  2. Asla beklemediğim 1-2 kişiyi görünce şok geçirdim 🤨

  3. Oha 1 saat geçtikten sonra 1000 Takipçi geldi 🤓

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