As part of an extension activity, Marine catering and Hotel Management Department students did a programme in  Shyamalavani  Community Radio on 22.7.21 from 11.00 a.m to 12.30 p.m. Mr.R.Gopinath of third year MC&HM student spoke about the “Millets usage in Ancient Periods”. Under the title he spoke about varies millets used in Tamilnadu, types of millets, medicinal and nutritional value of millets and new dishes made from millets like varahu briyani, kelvarahu dosai, Ragi Puttu and biscuits. Mr.T.Prabhu, second year MC&HM gave an  awareness speech about COVID-19 transmission, identification of symptoms, safety measures, demonstration of use of mask, hand washing, purpose of vaccination. This type of extension activity by the students will be useful for the betterment of the rural community.