As imparting education involves the holistic development and maturity of the students, we at Department of Networking follow a mentoring system that incorporates  a multidimensional approach. The mentoring  begins at the time the student is admitted to the department and goes until they reach the final semester .The individual teacher conducts meeting  with their mentees. Mentor Mentee  ratio of the department is 1:13

Every week the mentor mentee meetings are conducted in day order V and the minutes are recorded properly. In those meeting,  mentors   give information  about  the discipline and strict adherence to the time inside the college campus.The faculty members  share the importance of mentoring and encourage  the students to involve in Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities of our college.  The mentees have been advised to write their Class, Internal and End Semester Examinations Well. Likewise students’ grievances  had been resolved on time in most of the cases and in some cases it was forwarded to the authority  concerned and the principal .

On the whole,  the Department of  Networking  organized the Mentor Mentee Meetings in a smooth manner through out the semester



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