The Department of Animation & Visual communication jointly celebrated the “World Radio Day 2022” on 14.02.2022 (Monday) between 11.00 AM and 01.30 PM. Mr. P. Kishore Kumar, Head i/c cum Asst. Prof., Department of Animation welcomed the gathering. Mr.BabuShajan Kevin, Head i/c cum Asst. Prof., Department of Viscom introduced the chief guest, Mr. John Raja Durai, Associate programming director, Music Broadcast Private Limited (Radiocity 91.1FM). He addressed the students that the World Radio Day is observed to recognize the contribution of the mass communication medium in providing news and entertainment across all strata of society. He advised the students to discuss the current affairs, general knowledge and narrate stories through Podcast. He inspired and motivated the students by sharing the tactics and nuances required to become a Radio Jockey. He stressed on delivering the content in one’s own style with creativity which is one of the most important factors needed for attracting audience though it might be in a grumpy, squeaky, soft or loud voice. He reinforced the idea that the nature of the voice is never an issue. He mentioned that at times, a person well prepared to deliver the content might be rejected and the one who talks with originality and confidence is selected.The students eagerly participated in the activity. Besides they got clarified their doubts with the resource person regarding taking up RJ as a profession. The event helped the students in understanding the medium of radio better. Totally 66 Students from both the departments participated in this event.