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Awareness about National Education Policy

National Service Scheme (Unit 105) of Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science suggested the students to eagerly participate in Shikshakparv on 25th September, 2020 which was conducted by Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. They organized a webinar on “National Education Policy, 2020” to foster conscious awareness among local NSS/NCC/NYKS/UBA Volunteers. Comprehensively, 62 students participated in the programme. The following two links represent the telecast, where the students present as participants in the official program.

  1. https://webcast.gov.in/mhrd/shikshakparv/
  2. youtube.com/channel/UClbbWYTjSiXnhShJ0Z1-05g

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