The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management has organized Association cell on 24.8.2017 consists of Event Management, Food Production Association, Food and Beverage Service Association, Bakery Association and Housekeeping & Front office Association. The Association members of the students from II & III year were nominated by the Staff members based on criteria such as Area of specialization, attitude, discipline, work performance, sportiveness, and punctuality, regular to class. They were honoured by providing batches.

Our department has planned to select the students nominees to elect for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasure. This selection is purely based on the discipline, good in studies (rank holders), and regular performance in the class. The staff members selected 3 best students for Chairman from III year, 3 students for Vice Chairman from II year, 3 students for Secretary and 3 best students for Joint Secretary from II year and 3 students for Treasure from II year. The students from I, II & III year (totally around 155 students) place the vote. The staff members count the numbers of vote placed by the students of I, II and III year. Finally, the students have elected the Chairman Mr. Prasanna Bashyam, III year, Vice Chairman Mr. Karan Singhaal II year, Secretary Mr. Mohammed Fazil  III year, Joint Secretary Mr. Karthick-.II year , Treasure Mr. Thirumal Raj , II year.