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[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Animation” subtitle=”” link=”#” image=”2128″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Viscom” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2129″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Marine Catering and Hotel Management” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2127″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Networking” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2131″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Food Science and Processing Management” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2132″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Fire & Industrial Safety” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2133″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Computer Science” subtitle=”(Security System Specialization)” link=”” image=”2136″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”BBA (Logistic and Shipping Management)” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2137″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Banking and Insurance” subtitle=”” link=”#” image=”2134″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Honours” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2138″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Honours ACCA, UK” subtitle=”” link=”” image=”2135″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”MBA” subtitle=”” link=”#” image=”2125″]

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