The Readers’ Hub & Techie quest club jointly organized the programme to commemorate the “International Farmers’ Day” on 24th, December, 2021 in the Classroom S52.  The student’s coordinator S.Madhubala (20302-Animation) welcomed the gathering and the Coordinators of the Clubs Mrs.R.Sailakshmi& Mrs.Gayathri, conducted the event.

Mr.VV.Sundharam(Dept.ofEnglish)& Mr.Sivasubramaniyan(Dept.of Maths) gave special address during the event. They stressed the importance of Agriculture & Farmers and their struggles. Also they explained about the technology innovation such as IoT usage, Corp prediction, Pesticide Prediction etc.,

Totally 104 (Reader’s Hub = 12 students, Techie Quest Club= 12 students, Yoga Club= 11, Electroral literacy club=42, Students’ Corner=27) students eagerly participated and benefitted from it. Students enjoyed and it would be very useful for them in their future endeavors

The sole aim of the activities conducted is to impart skills to the target group that would help to build their confidence and thus inculcate a sense of social responsibility amongst the students.