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[eikra-vc-info-box layout=”layout4″ title=”SLCS”](An Autonomous Institution | Affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University & Reaccredited by NAAC with B+ Status)[/eikra-vc-info-box]
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Joint Managing Editor
“Dinamalar”  National Tamil Daily[/eikra-vc-info-box]
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Welcome to Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science

Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science is an autonomous self-financing college affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University and accredited with B+ status by NAAC. It is run by Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy Foundation (SLF), a charitable trust initiated in 1989 to promote job-oriented education on a non-profit motive basis by     Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, a doyen in the Newspaper industry. He is the publisher of the largest circulated Tamil Daily “Dinamalar” and also of the Medical Magazines, ‘The Antiseptic’ and the ‘Health’.

SLCS became the youngest self-financing college from south part of Tamilnadu to receive autonomy in 2006 and in the span of 25 years we are in the fourth cycle of NAAC accreditation. With autonomy, SLCS has framed its own new programmes of studies and adopted innovative methods, to meet the current industrial requirements and mainly to become Employable. It has been recognized as a premier institution of higher learning for job-oriented courses. The programs like B.Sc. Animation, B.Sc. Viscom (Film & Television Production specialization), B.Sc Marine Catering & Hotel Management are among its strengths. Located at the cutting edge of knowledge, SLCS has not just kept pace with the changing world, but has been the pioneering spirit behind many innovations in the field of education. SLCS students are empowered with professional competence, an ability to assume positions of leadership with ease. The College offers job-oriented programs, extra-curricular activities and technologically advanced facilities accessible to the faculty, the students and the support staff. Here, each individual is encouraged to step beyond the confines of academic and administrative disciplines to explore and intervene in the larger interests of the SLCS community that thrives on participation and the desire to venture into newer vistas.


[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Animation” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/bsc-animation/” image=”2128″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Viscom” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-visual-communication/” image=”2129″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Marine Catering and Hotel Management” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-marine-catering-and-hotel-management/” image=”2127″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc. Networking” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-networking/” image=”2131″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Food Science and Processing Management” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-food-science-and-processing-management/” image=”2132″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Fire & Industrial Safety” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-fire-industrial-safety/” image=”2133″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Sc Computer Science” subtitle=”(Security System Specialization)” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-sc-computer-science-security-system-specialization/” image=”2136″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”BBA (Logistic and Shipping Management)” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/bba-logistics-and-shipping-management/” image=”2137″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Banking and Insurance” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-com-banking-and-insurance/” image=”2134″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Honours” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-com-honours/” image=”2138″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”B.Com Honours ACCA, UK” subtitle=”” link=”https://slcs.edu.in/b-com-honours-acca/” image=”2135″]
[eikra-vc-image-text-box title=”MBA” subtitle=”” link=”rlims.com” image=”2125″]


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