Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement

Soft Skill

Soft skills refer to the non-technical interpersonal abilities that facilitate efficient communication, teamwork, and engagement with others. These include problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, and adaptation—all of which are critical in both personal and professional contexts. Building lasting relationships and succeeding in the modern workplace need the development of strong soft skills.

Workshop on ‘Soft Skills Development

Workshop on “Soft skill development” on 15.03.2023


Soft skill development program on inculcating ethical values in students

Inculcating Ethical values in student by Mr. C. Suresh Kumar on 10.01.2023

Inculcating Ethical values in student by Mr. C. Suresh Kumar on 10.01.2023

Workshop on corporate grooming & Etiquette, HR, round interview and group discussion Language and communication skills

Workshop on “Corporate Grooming & Etiquette, HR Round Interview and Group discussion” , Mrs. Nithya Shanthakumar, Soft Skills Trainer, New Delhi on 25.11.2022


Language and communication skills

In today’s workplace, being able to communicate effectively is crucial for accepting information. Our students receive instruction from the knowledgeable trainers to improve their communication abilities. The training session focuses on the essential elements required to succeed in interviews and get past any challenges encountered along the way.

A Five-Day Value-Added Course on Linguaskill Certification – Prelims

Mrs. Mouli Devi, Trainer at Voice Training and Research Pvt. Ltd, Madurai walked all the students about the nitty-gritty about the four tenets of the English Language such as “Listening, Speaking, Reding and Writing”

Seminar on “A Glimpse on Barrier to career

Seminar on “A Glimpse on “Barriers to Career” by Mr. Sathya Prabhakar on 23.01.2023

Seminar on English Excellence: Elevate your Language Skills

Elevate Your Language Skills” by Mr.M.PrasannaVenkateshwaran on 02.01.2023


Seminar on Communication: A Key to success

Seminar on “Communication: A Key to Success” by Mr.M. Prasanna Venkateshwaran on 24.11.2022

Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene)

The acquisition of life skills teaches students how to conduct appropriately and communicate with others. Acquiring life skills can aid students in leading fulfilling lives.  Students get yoga, self-defense lessons, health and hygiene topics, information on the value of blood donation, and other awareness-raising activities related to life skills programmes.

The Art of Yoga and Meditation, Mr. N.V. Ramalingam, Yoga Master, on 21.12.22

International Day Of Yoga Celebration

International Day of Yoga, Mr. N.V. Ramalingam, Yoga Master, on 21.06.2022

Motivational session my story- by successful entrepreneur startup founder

Significance of Startup among young generation by Mrs. Lakshmi Priya Gopison on 02.12.2022

Seminar on Banking Practices for Entrepreneurs

A seminar on ‘Banking Practices for Entrepreneurs’ on 27.08.2022

Seminar on “Process Safety Management For Entrepreneurship”

Process Safety Management for Entrepreneurship by Mr. Paranikumar G.P on 17.08.2022

Awareness of trends in technology

Seminar on “Virtualization in Operating System”

Virtualization in Operating System by Mr. Aravindraj. G on 19.04.2023

Webinar on “RDBMS and its Security Privileges”

RDBMS and its Security Privileges by Dr. Ramanujam E on 23.03.2023

Five-days’s workshop on Tally for Startups

Five days workshop on Tally for Startups from 21.03.2023 to 25.03.2023

Workshop on “Software Testing”

Workshop on Software Testing by Mr.Nagakumar Kondisetti by 09.01.2023 – 01.01.2023

Seminar on Innovative insurance products in India

A Seminar on ‘Innovative Insurance products in India’ on 31.12.2022

Webinar on “Data Structures Using Python”

Data Structures Using Python by Mr.NagakumarKondietti on 14.12.2022

Seminar on Innovative products in Retail Banking

A seminar on ‘Innovative products in Retail Banking’ on 08.12.2022

Seminar on Innovative products in Retail Banking

Data Structures Using Python by Mr.NagakumarKondietti on 14.12.2022