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Outreach Program (SLCS- Samaaj Seva) on “Clean Green is Our Perfect Dream”

Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organized an outreach Program ( SLCS- Samaaj Seva-) on “Clean Green is Our Perfect Dream”- Theppakulam. Madurai on 23.3.22. In this outreach activity 3 faculty members and 12 students from the MC&HM actively participated in it.  The objective of the program is to create awareness among the public about Plastic free environment in Theppakulam They gave pamphlets to the people and instructed them to create Green Environment in their surroundings. As a part of the program, they made a walk to the Theppalulam surrounding area, collected plastic wastes on their way that people have thrown away. Then, they returned and disposed the wastes in the trash cans. The students actively participated in the program by giving their full support and made the program a great success.


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