I. Admissions

All candidates should produce +2 mark statement or Degree certificate, Transfer certificate and a Conduct certificate from the Head of the institution last studied, for admission.

II. Admission Scholarship

50% in the Academic Fee for 80 % and above in HSC Exam (or) 25% in the Academic Fee for 70% – 79% in HSC Exam will be given as an Admission Scholarship to the students for the first semester only.

III. Transport

No student will be permitted to attend the college by riding two wheelers. All day scholars should use the College bus, wherever the bus is operated, for attending the college. The Students will be provided with a separate Bus ID Card with their designated routes. The students must produce their ID card at the time of boarding & alighting.

IV. Dress Code

“Dress maketh a man”. There is a prescribed dress code for boys and girls for all UG and PG students.
Students are provided with 3 uniform sets and shoes. Students should wear the uniform on all working days. Students who do not wear prescribed dress will not be permitted to enter the college campus.

V. Identity Card

Every student should possess an identity card issued by the college which should be worn by the student inside the college premises and while travelling in the college buses. It should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office, library, canteen and security gate.

VI. Ragging

According to Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act No.7 of 1997, ragging is a criminal offence and is strictly prohibited. Besides taking severe disciplinary and legal action against the offenders, they will be summarily expelled from the college. Prohibition of Ragging: – Any person who contravenes section (2); Ragging within or without any educational institution is prohibited. It is therefore in the interestof the student community and in his/her own interest that he/she scrupulously avoids indulging in ragging as the penalties can be quite severe.


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